• We are always on your side
  • We are always on your side
  • We are always on your side
  • We are always on your side


  • Patent Attorney MOON-HWA CHANG
    Patent Attorney MOON-HWA CHANG

    Sincerity is our response to your trust.

  • Patent Attorney SEUNG-WON CHAE
    Patent Attorney SEUNG-WON CHAE

    Our service is professional with a heart.
    Our service is not a chain of procedures.
    That's how we're different.

  • Patent Attorney YOUNG-JU NA
    Patent Attorney YOUNG-JU NA

    IP is not mere intangible value but what propels
    the growth of your business. As trusted professionals,
    the success of your business is our goal.

  • US Attorney JAE-HYUN KIM
    US Attorney JAE-HYUN KIM

    Your problems, my solutions. Expertise and experience solves the toughest problems for satisfactory, quality results.

  • Patent Attorney YOON-JUNG PARK
    Patent Attorney YOON-JUNG PARK

    Good is not enough. We think, try and fight till we have the best solution that will solve your problems.

  • Patent Attorney DANIEL KIM
    Patent Attorney DANIEL KIM

    Brilliant ideas that make our clients,
    our society and our world happier.

  • Patent Attorney JE-HYUN AHN
    Patent Attorney JE-HYUN AHN

    We do not end at just representing our clients.
    We are your truthful and trusted IP management partner,
    constantly striving to maximize and protect your business
    and interests on your side.

  • US Attorney STEVE CHUNG
    US Attorney STEVE CHUNG

    Solving your legal problems is not enough.
    We are here to help you achieve your business goals.

  • Patent Attorney JUN-YOUNG LEE
    Patent Attorney JUN-YOUNG LEE

    Decades only added one thing to our initial passion
    and dedication : Expertise. Our industry-leading service
    and customer satisfaction has not changed a bit.

  • 25,770Domestic Intellectual
    Property Filing
  • 20,323Foreign Intellectual
    Property Filing
  • 40Experts
  • 20Years
  • 3,066Clients
  • 620Global Partner
    Law Firms
  • 67Filing Countires
  • 27Partner Clients
    for 10 Years
  • 14.5%The Last 3 Years


KASAN on Your Side is a promise we make not only to our clients but to every single employee.



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